Friday, June 29, 2012

The Vista

Ding, Ding, Goes the Trolly and Ring, Ring,Ring, goes the bell!!!!
Bueua Vista has added so much class to DCA its incredible.
I just love this art deco fountain.

Is this the old Candy sign from the old Sun Plaza?????????

Yes it is. Its nice that Disney salvaged it as a little memento from the past.

This is a very cute window. Little Trolleys running on tracks with bells dinging as they climb Candy Mountain.

This car is super fab and a great photo spot. I really like all the tile windows too.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

That's the Ticket & Hidden Simba

The Yellow Flame Tree (Peltophorum pterocarpum)was blooming just a few weeks ago at Hemlich's Chew Chew train. So, pretty. There are two more of these trees over at the AMC in Downtown Disney. This one is a fine specimen and an excellent example of what the tree looks like full grown.

Cars Land is open and Racers is of course an E ticket ride.

Here's something to know there is a hidden Simba in the rock work?
Do you see Simba?

The head of Simba as seen from Racer's queue line standing at the bottle house.

A view of Tower of Terror

A view of the waterfall. Looks awesome at night.

Catus everywhere. Disney went to great lengths to create this marvelous desert.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Let go of my Lego's

I just had to take some pictures of the new Lego display's. The new Buzz and Woody display made out of Lego's in front of the Lego Store in DTD looks fantastic!!! Buzz and Woody really look like they are taking flight. I am soooo glad they got rid of the man on the bench that was asleep and snoring. So boring. This display is a big improvement.

Would of been nice if it was Mickey battling the dragon. Still its a super awesome display. You won't have trouble finding the Lego Store that's for sure. On the side windows of the store there is also a display of hundred's of Lego people. Its kind of fun to look at at the Lego people and point out a few funny elements.

On the side of the Lego building there is a window of a whole bunch of Lego people and this is just hilarious. So Funny!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Other Park


I took this photo on a gloomy day in June. A far away shot of Disney Calfornia Adventure or DCA right before the horrible ugly looking orange and the mailboomer were demo'd.  It is so great that this park is getting away from the California Theme and back to being about Walt Disney. It is beginning to have the warmth,charm and the Disney theming that Disneyland has. It's about time. I remember reading articles that back when DCA opened that it was rated the worse park in America.

Goodbye Orange ! Hello Mickey!

Although, I can not go for a swing, I do enjoy sitting on a bench and listening to the music and thunder and watching the lightening clonds flicker. 

So, long Mailboomer. Though I could never ride you because, I suffer from motion sickness. I did appreciate your beauty. The Crape Myrtles were in full bloom when I snapped this photo.

I took this picture of the top of Carthay Theater. The attention to detail is awesome. I just love this building and all of Buena Vista. Gone is all the awful California tourist theming and that ugly Sun Icon. I have to admit though, I do miss the Golden Gate bridge and the mural made of tiles.

A quick photo of Carthay all lit up and just breath taking. Now this is what I am talking about " Old Hollywood". Buena Vista is fast becoming another one of my favorite photo spots.
The real Carthay Theater was demolished in 1969 replaced by buildings and a park. What a shame. I am so happy that there is this replica to enjoy.