Saturday, June 9, 2012

Let go of my Lego's

I just had to take some pictures of the new Lego display's. The new Buzz and Woody display made out of Lego's in front of the Lego Store in DTD looks fantastic!!! Buzz and Woody really look like they are taking flight. I am soooo glad they got rid of the man on the bench that was asleep and snoring. So boring. This display is a big improvement.

Would of been nice if it was Mickey battling the dragon. Still its a super awesome display. You won't have trouble finding the Lego Store that's for sure. On the side windows of the store there is also a display of hundred's of Lego people. Its kind of fun to look at at the Lego people and point out a few funny elements.

On the side of the Lego building there is a window of a whole bunch of Lego people and this is just hilarious. So Funny!!

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