Sunday, May 13, 2012

First Memory

My first memories of the park are at age 5. I remember being in Fantasyland in front of Snow White's Adventure and my mom pulling out one of these books. At age 5 Disneyland was just too much of an adventure and far too overwelming. I remember holding onto my mom's hand, looking up at the train as it passed over the bridge to one of the entrance/exit tunnels as it pulled into Mainstreet Station  and crying that I wasn't tired and that I wanted to see the Dinosaurs. Of course Mom was not having any of that and we exited the park and went home.

This photo is from and shows the old Fantasyland that I remember as a child. I have to say that I do like the new Fantasyland better its just more charming and delightful. Great thing about Disneyland is its always evolving and morphing into something new and different.

At 5 I also remember The Pirates of the Carribean and thinking that the pirates were real people. Two years later I knew better. Although, I have to say that Jack Sparrow looks pretty real so I may just go back to thinking that the pirates are real people again. My mom told me the story that when she took me on POTC for the first time as a baby that when we went down the first drop I went right over her shoulder and into the seat behind her. Luckily, sitting in the seat behind her was my grandmother and I landed safely in her lap.

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