Thursday, August 9, 2012

A clock and a puppet oh my!

Welcome to Neverland !!!!! This was an amazing photo opportunity I could not pass up of the outside of the Peter Pan Attraction.

Creepy photo of the entrance to Snow White. I think the fact that I am just using an ordinary canon power shot adds to the photos that I take. They are not perfectly crisp and clear. The blurrlyness and imperfections add mystery to the photos.

Close up of some of the lanterns at Tea Cups. I love the colors, shapes and designs on these lanterns.

Another one of my favorite entrance signs to an attraction. Dance puppet dance.

 I just have to add a Matterhorn shot. Matterhorn is such on icon. It looks really cool at night. I will have to start adding some night shots to upcoming updates.

Such a lovely back drop. Looks just like small village roof tops in the swiss alps.

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