Saturday, December 1, 2012

It's a Disney Christmas Part 1

I don't mean to be so bias however, Buena Vista and Carsland this Christmas look really AWESOME!!!!!!!!
I think its some of the best decorating ever. I think the Disneyland Resort Enhancement Team deserves many Kudos for all of their hard work.
They truly pulled it off.

A shot of the Christmas Tree. Next week I should be able to get some closer shots. There was a film crew filming in the front  of the tree so this is the best shot I could get.
A shot of the tower with the moon in the background.
A lovely picture of the Carsland Courthouse. I really like that Stanley was fitted with an actual Bronze Santa Hat & Bag.
Every Character has their own Christmas Tree which is another nice touch. Mater's is made out of junk with a spark plug tree topper.

Lugi's Tree is of course his tower of tires.
I love the ginger bread Cozy Cone Motel inside the Cozy Cone lobby.
Sarge's is all decked out in Red,White & Blue.

More great details. The wreaths are made of air filers, a tire, and wrenches in the shape of snow flakes.

The front entrance sign with the little snow car is fast becoming a very popular photo spot for guests to have their pictures taken.
That's all for now I will have more Holiday pictures in my next posting.





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