Friday, October 12, 2012

This is Halloween

Everybody scream!! Jack skeleton has once again taken over the Mansion. There are some new surprises in store.

The decorations look great at night. I love the main gate with Jack looking at the snow flake wondering,"What's This!"

The gingerbread house isn't the only thing that changes every year. The pumpkins on the carriage outside are also different each year.


Here's a day time shot.

The Carriage outside is decorated beautifully!!!

                                                              More pumpkins please!!!

Frankenweenie!!!! Such an awesome new detail. Love it!!! Sparky has dug his way out .
The Halloween Ray Bradbury Tree.
Ooooooh! Awe!!! The pretty pumpkins and lights.

                                  Some Pumpkin happiness going on over at Big Thunder Ranch.

 Every year there is a newly carved Yoda.Very Cool!!!!


                  Over by the pumpkin carving there is kind of a little Halloween Carnival set up.

 Here are some of the posters on the Villain tent.

El Zolcalo. El Fabio. Love all the colors.


        Over at DCA it's Frankenweenie!!!! There is a little 4D sneak peek teaser trailer which is very cool.
Over at the Disney Animation Building Tim Burton Frankweenie sculptures are on display.

By The way Sparky is a English Bull Terrier. Which I love because, I have an English bull terrier. Which are the most protective, lovable and loyal dogs ever. They are also the most stubborn and very hard to train.

This concludes my Halloween blog for this week.
 There are so many Halloween details it is so hard to pick a favorite.
Next week I will cover a few more Halloween details and then
it will be time for Christmas.




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